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Professor GuangMing Zheng

1. Leader in the field of safety and qulity and standardization of aquatic products

Research Interests:
1. Fish genetic resource and fish breeding
2. Quality and safety of aquatic products

- Address: Liwang district, Guangzhou 510380, CHINA
- Fax: +86-20-81616162
- Telephone: +86-20-81616509
- E-mail: zgmzyl@tom.com

Recent Scientific Publications:

1.Title: Microsatellite variation of mud carp (Cirrhina molitorella Valenciennes, 1844) populations from the Pearl River Basin in China
Author(s): Zhao, J.; Zhang, D. -D.; Zhu, X. -P.;Zheng, G. -M.; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY Volume: 27 Issue: 6 Pages: 1303-1306 DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0426.2011.01811.x Published: DEC 2011

2.Title: Genetic analysis of ratmouth barbell (Ptychidio jordani Myers) from different geographic sub-populations in the Pearl River Basin using microsatellite markers
Author(s): Zhu, X. -P.; Zhao, J.; Chen, K. -C.;Zheng, G. -M.; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY Volume: 25 Issue: 2 Pages: 148-152 DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0426.2009.01209.x Published: APR 2009

3.Title:Screening and identification of female-specific DNA fragments in Channa argus using SSR-BSA
Author(s): LIU Gai-yan,CHEN Kun-ci,ZHENG Guang-ming *,ZHU Xin-ping,ZHAO Jian,XU Peng,SUN Xiao-wen
Journal of Fisheries of China; Year 2011 Period 02

4.Title:Studies on the Residue and Degradation Rules of Nitrofurazone Metabolites in Hybrid Snakehead(Channa maculata(♀)×Channa argus(♂))
Author(s):LIU Shugui,WU Shihui,ZHENG Guangming,WANG Qun, DAI Xiaoxin,SONG Yi,LIU Yihui,MA Bing
Source: Journal of South China Agricultural University;Year 2013 Period 02

5.Title:Pharmacokinetics and elimination of methyl testosterone in tilapia
Author(s):HONG Er-li,ZHENG Guang-ming*,MENG Di,WU Shi-hui,DAI Xiao-xin,MA Bing,MA Li-sha,SONG Yi
Source: Journal of Anhui Agricultural University;Year 2011 Period 06

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