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Qing Wang








Professor Qing Wang

Chief Director, Aquatic Disease Prevention & Control Lab

Research Interests:
1. Epidemiological Investigation and Risk Assessment of Aquatic Animal Diseases
2. Aquatic Vaccine Research and Development

- Address: Pearl River Fishery Research Institute, Chinese Academic of Fishery Science, No.1 Xingyu Road, Xilang, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510380
- Fax: +86-20-81616162
- Telephone: +86-20-86538302
- E-mail: sunny_929@163.com, wangqing@prfri.ac.cn


Recent Scientific Publications:
1. Title: Development of indirect immunofluorescence assay for TCID50 measurement of grass carp reovirus genotype II without cytopathic effect Author (s): Qing Wang, Hualiang Xie, Weiwei Zeng, Linchuan Wang, Chun Liu, Jiexing Wu, Yingying Wang, Yingying Lia, Sven M. Bergmann Source: Microbial Pathogenesis, 2018, 114:68–74
2. Title: Development of a VP38 recombinant protein based indirect ELISA for detection of antibodies against grass carp reovirus genotype II Author (s): Weiwei Zeng, Yingying Wang, Yanmin Guo, Sven M. Bergmann , Jiyuan Yin,Yingying Li, Yan Ren, Cunbin Shi, Qing Wang* Source : Journal of fish diseases, 2018,41(12):1811-1819
3. Title: Aeromonas schubertii as a caused of multi-organ necrosis in internal organs of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus Author (s): Chun Liu, Ouqing Chang, Dengfeng Zhang, Kaibin Li, Fang Wang, Minghui Lin, Chunbin Shi, Lan Jiang, Qing Wang* and S M Bergmann Source : Journal of fish diseases, 2018,41(10)1529-1538
4. Title: Comparative Study on Physical-Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Grass Carp Reovirus From Different Genotypes Author (s): Qing Wang, Weiwei Zeng, Liang Yin, Yingying Wang, Chun Liu, Yingying Li, Shucheng Zheng, Cunbin Shi Source : Journal of The World Aquaculture Society, 2016, 47(6):862-872
5. Title: Complete genome sequence of a reovirus isolated from grass carp indicating different genotypes of GCRV in China Author (s): Qing Wang, Weiwei Zeng, Chun Liu, Chao Zhang, Yingying Wang, Cunbin Shi, Shuqin Wu Source : Journal of Virology, 2012, 86(22):12466

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