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1.Fishery Genetic Resource and Breeding
Main fields:
(1)Genetic selective breeding of important aquaculture economic fishes;
(2)Germplasm resource and population genetics of aquatic animals in river;
(3) Genetic resource conservation and protection of endangered aquatic animals in nature; 4)Propagation of wildness aquatic animals and introducing and utilizing of good aquatic breed.

Principal Scientists
Junjie Bai
Xinping Zhu
Xing Ye
Yongle Chen
Kunci Chen

2.Aquatic Farming and nutrition


Main fields:
(1) Efficient pond-culture techniques and optimized pond-culture pattern;
(2) Integration of intensive and precise farming aquaculture technology; (3) Nutritional needs, environmental protection feeding techniques of aquatic animals; (4) Healthy culture of aquatic animals.

Principal Scientists
Jun Xie
Maixin Lu
Zhanghan Huang
Ruiquan Wu

3. Prevention & Control of Aquatic Diseases


The division of fisheries disease control is one of key subjects of PRFRI. It has carried out relevant study for more than forty years, achieved some outstanding scientific research achievements, such as immune protection of grass carp hemorrhage, pathogenesis of Aeromonas hydrophila, comprehensive prevention and control of Siniperca chuatsi viral disease, and leads the development trend of prevention and control of China aquatic disease. At present, the discipline has formed a scientific academic echelon with reasonable structure and powerful influence in China, and primarily carries out research on the fields of outbreak and alarming of aquatic disease, aquatic animal immunity, aquatic drug develop and safety use technology, aquatic disease bionomic control, fishery public health, et al.. The research fruits which we have achieved and will achieve in the future, provide technology support for the Prevention & Control of Aquatic Diseases and quality safety of aquatic product.

Principal Scientists

Shuqin Wu
Zhibin Huang
Cunbin Shi
Houjun Pan
Lan Jiang

4. Conservation and Utilization of Fishery Resources
Main fields:
The fishery resources research work is consisted of investigation and evaluation on fishery resources、population dynamics、fishery resources protection and molecular biology;

Principal Scientists
Xinhui Li
Zini Lai



5. Aquatic Ecological Environment

Main fields:
the water environment research work is consisted of fishery ecology of estuary、investigation on fishery pollution emergency、water ecological toxicology、protection and recovery of fishery eco-environment and evaluating impact on environment.

Principal Scientists
Xinhui Li
Zini Lai

6. Aquatic Experimental Animal

Principal Scientists
Kaibin Li

7.Urban Fishery

Aquarium keeping is among the world's most popular hobbies, with millions of enthusiasts across the globe. We are engaging with producers and retailers in science and market-based efforts to affect a substantial shift in the way that the trade in ornamental fish is conducted, working to make it more sustainable and a vehicle for aquatic conservation, poverty alleviation, education and ecosystem stability.

Principal Scientists
Jianren Luo
Yinchang Hu

8. Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products

Main fields:
-Safety limit of toxic substances in aquatic product and its detection
-Process control and standard operation procedure (SOP) of aquaculture, processing and catching
-Effects of producing area contaminations, including pathogenic micro-organisms, chemical pollutants and heavy metals etc., on aquatic food quality
-Elimination of drug residues in aquatic product
-Utilization of aquatic product processing additives
-Answer-up mechanism of aquatic food safety emergency

Principal Scientists
Guangming Zheng

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