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 Key Laboratory of MOA  

The Key Laboratory  of Tropical & Subtropical Fishery Resources Utilization & Cultivation,Ministry of  Agriculture

  The Key Laboratory of Tropical & Subtropical Fishery Resources Utilization & Cultivation,Ministry of Agriculture was established on Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute, CAFS.
  At present,Prof. Bai Junjie serving as its director,while Prof.Lin Haoran,a academician,serves as the director of its academic committee.the lab now has 36 permanent staff,among which there are 3 staff Post Scientists,11 staff Disciplines leaders and 2 of them are tutors of Ph. D postgraduates,10 of them are tutors of master postgraduates.
  The laboratory is mainly oriented towards studying:
  1.Aquatic genetic resource and breeding
    (1)Genetic selective breeding of important aquaculture economic fishes; (2)Germplasm resource and population genetics of aquatic animals in river; (3) Genetic resource conservation and protection of endangered aquatic animals in nature; 4)Propagation of wildness aquatic animals and introducing and utilizing of good aquatic breed.
  2.Aquaculture and nutrition
    (1) Efficient pond-culture techniques and optimized pond-culture pattern;(2) Integration of intensive and precise farming aquaculture technology; (3) Nutritional needs, environmental protection feeding techniques of aquatic animals; (4) Healthy culture of aquatic animals.
  3. Genetic resource development and transgenic fish research
    (1)Fish Genome Research and Application;(2) molecular markers assisted in selection of fish breeding;(3)Transgenic fish and transgenic ecology and food safety research
  The laboratory has made a great achievements in solving the actual productional issue,and the key technical innovation in promote industrial development. During the 11th Five-Year Plan, the laboratory has undertaken and accomplished over 72 research projects,include National Science and Technology Support Program, high-tech 863, 948 project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Researches of project involves largemouth bass, tilapia, yellow pond turtle, hybrid snakehead, mud, sharp Sleeper, perch, American shad and other species,and get 21 awards which awarded by Province or Ministry of Agriculture,and applied for 27 patents,published over 200 research papers and 5 monographs.














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