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Lan Jiang











Professor Lan Jiang

1. Leader in the field of fish immunology and parasitic infections

Research Interests:
1. Prevention and control of aquatic animal disease;
2. Taxonomy of bacterial fish pathogens,
3. Fish disease diagnosis,
4. Aquatic vaccine development

- Address: Liwang district, Guangzhou 510380, CHINA
- Fax: +86-20-81616162
- Telephone: +86-20-81616135
- E-mail: jianglan2@tom.com

Recent Scientific Publications:

1. Title: Identification and detection of virulence gene of the pathogenic bacteria Edwardsiellosis in oscar Astronotus ocellatus
Author (s): ZHAO Fei,ZOU Wei-min,TAN Ai-ping,LUO Li,Lan, J.,LU Xiao-dan
Source : Journal of Dalian Fisheries University 2007-06

2. Title:Pharmacokinetics and residues of ofloxacin in GIFT tilapia strain Oreochromis niloticus
Author (s): WANG Xian-yu,SONG Jie,WANG Wei-li,Lan, J.*,LUO li,KE jian
Source : Journal of Dalian Ocean University 2011-02

3. Title:Antimicrobial susceptibilities of Aeromonas strains isolated from various aquatic animals in Guangdong Province
Author (s): WU Ya-li;DENG Yu-ting;Lan, J.*;TAN Ai-ping;XUE Hui-juan;WANG Wei-li;LUO Li;ZHAO Fei;
Source : Journal of Shanghai Ocean University 2013-02

4. Title:Effects of soybean meal replacement by rapeseed meal on the non-specific immune function of gibel carp,Carassius auratus gibelio
Author (s): ZHAO Fei; WU Zhi-xin;CHEN Xiao-xuan; Lan, J.
Source : Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University 2012-02

5. Title:The Effect of the Insect Growth Regulator Tebufenozide on Alitropus typus
Author (s): WANG Wei-li;LU Xiao-dan;PENG Hua-lin;ZOU Wei-min;Lan, J.;ZHAO Fei;TAN Ai-ping
Source : Journal of South China Agricultural University 2011-03

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