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 Zhibin Huang  









Professor Zhibin Huang

1. Chief scientist in the field of aquatic animal diseases and immunology
2. Director of Aquatic Vaccine Engineering Center

Research Interests:
Aquatic animal diseases, experimental marine zoology, aquatic vaccine

- Address: Liwang district, Guangzhou 510380, CHINA
- Fax: +86-20-81616162
- Telephone: +86-20-81616556
- E-mail: hzb1393@163.com

Recent Scientific Publications:
1. Title: Protective immunity against iridovirus disease in mandarin fish, induced by recombinant major capsid protein of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus
Author (s): Fu, Xiaozhe; Li, Ningqiu; Lai, Yingtiao; et al.
Source : FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY Volume: 33 Issue: 4 Pages: 880-885 DOI: 10.1016/j.fsi.2012.07.012 Published: OCT 2012

2. Title:Study on biological characteristics of swoedtails,Xiphophorus hellri
Author (s): Huang, Z. B., Wu, S. Q., Shi, C. B., Pan, H. J., Li, K. B.n

3. Title:Identification, virulence, hemolytic activity of GYK1, a strain of pathogenic Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from mandarinfish
Author (s): Pan, H. J., Wu, S. Q., DONG Chuan-fu, Shi, C. B. YE Mei-xi,LIN Tian-long, Huang, Z. B.
Source : Journal of Shanghai Fisheries University,year 2004,period 01

4. Title:Several Explosive Diseases of Pseudosciaena Crocea And new Study on their Control methods
Author (s): Huang, Z. B. Cai Qiliang Yu Deguang Pan, H. J. Li, K. B. Shi, C. B. Zhang Yan Jun, X.
Source : Journal of Fujian Fisheries; Year 1999,Period 04

5. Title:Acute Toxicity Test of Japanese eel and Bactericidal Property Test of Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate
Author (s): LIN Ming-hui,liu chunhua,Huang, Z. B.
Source : Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences;year 2011,period 06

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