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The Key Laboratory of Fishery Drug Development, MOA

  The establishment of the Key Laboratory of Fishery Drug Development, MOA, was approved in November 2011, with PRFRI, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences as the support organization. Accomplished the evaluation organized by MOA in 2015, it is categorized into the academic discipline of veterinary drugs and diagnostic techniques. Considering the national strategic needs of the supply of high quality protein, aquatic product quality and safety, and increasing fishermen’s income, the key lab is on the leading edge of fishery drug R&D innovation in domestic and overseas, developing advanced theories and techniques, aiming at technological innovation, talent training base and academic exchange and cooperation. Based on epidemiology, immunology, pharmacology and bioengineering, targeting at major diseases in aquatics, the key lab launches applied and basic research on vaccine research for aquatic animals and diagnostic product R&D, safe use of fishery drugs, eco-management, and regional use of fishery drugs to develop common technologies and key strategies for aquatic disease management in China and provide technical support for guaranteeing aquatic product quality and safety and succeeding in disease control.

Research priorities include:
1. basic research on fishery drugs R&D;
2. immunologic research and vaccine development;
3. pathogen detection and kit development;
4. safe use of fishery drugs and advanced drug development;
5. eco-management and product development;
6. comprehensive use of fishery drugs in regions.













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