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Junjie Bai









Professor   Junjie Bai

1. Vice-director of Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute, CAFS;
2. Chief scientist of CAFS;
3. Director of Key Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Fishery Resources Application and Cultivation, Ministry of Agriculture

Research Interests:
1. Selective breeding of Largemouth bass
2. applications of molecular markers in fish genetic diversity and fish breeding
3. Functional genes analysis of transgenic fish of important aquaculture species

- Address: Liwang district, Guangzhou 510380, CHINA
- Fax: +86-20-81616162
- Telephone: +86-20-81616129
- E-mail: jjbai@163.net

Recent Scientific Publications:
[1] Bai J J, Lutz-Carrillo, D. J., Quan, Y. C., et al. Taxonomic status and genetic diversity of cultured largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides in China [J]. doi: 10.1016/j. Aquaculture. 2008. 03. 016.
[2] Wang, L. X., Bai, J. J., Luo, J. R., Chen, H., Ye, X., Jian, Q., Lao, L. L. Molecular cloning and expression of grass carp MyoD in yeast Pichia pastoris. Journal of Biochemistry Molecular Biology, 2007, 40 (1): 22-28
[3] Bai, J. J., Ma, D. M., Lao, L. L., Jian, Q., Ye, X., Luo, J. R., Xong, X. Y., Li, Y. H., Liang, X. F.. Molecualr cloning, sequencing, expression of Chinese sturgeon cystatin in yeast Pichia pastoris and its proteinase inhibitory activity. Journal of Biotechnology, 2006, 125 (2): 231-241
[4] Bai, J. J., Ma, D., Lao, H., Jian, Q., Ye, X., and Luo, J. R. Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of Chinese Sturgeons Cystatin cDNA 13th International Congress on Genes, Gene Families and Isozymes ICGGFI, Medimond S.r.l. 2005, 153-158
[5] Wu, H. F., Bai, J. J., Lao, H. H., Ye, X., Jian, Q., Luo, J. R., Preliminary study on Mx protein expression in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus). Animal Biotechnology Bulletin, 2004, 9 (1): 224-227
[6] Jian, Q., Bai, J. J., Ye, X., Xia, S. L., Lao, H. H., Luo, J. R. Construction of Red Fluorescence Protein Expression Vector and Red Fluorescence Transgenic Zebrafish. Animal Biotechnology Bulletin, 2004, 9 (1): 317-320
[7] Li, Y. H., Bai, J. J., Jian, Q., Ye, X., Lao, L. L., Li, X. H., Luo, J. R., Liang, X. F. Expression of common carp growth hormone in the yeast Pichia pastoris and growth stimulation of juvenile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Aquculture, 2003, 216 (1-4): 329-341
[8] Ma, J., Bai, J. J., Li, X. H., Luo, J. R., Jian, Q. Zhang, H. J., Expression of rainbow trout growth hormone cDNA in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Chinese J. Biotech., 1999, 4: 219-224

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